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Excellent Movie!

This is the type of flash that not only needs more than one look, it deserves it!
All you guys did an amazing job putting it together!
There's little to no redundancies in the animations.

I truly was not expecting this. :P

But you did an amazing job! Beautiful art and music!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

TheBoogley responds:

thanks! I may hook up with you guys for some sound design in the near future... :D

Definitely interested me!

This looks very interesting, though violet!
The artwork is beautiful!

It reminded me of Half Life, Mirror's Edge, and David Lynch.

Great work!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

A lot of work!

This is awesome to look at!

Reminds me a lot of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" the show.

It's really great, I love it! Keep up the great work!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

MarcK responds:

oh wonderful, another comparison to avatar. :P
thanks for enjoying it!

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Great Game!

This is a great game!
The music is very good, and the art is excellent, reminds me of "Emporer's New Groove".

Great game to the end!

I don't like how when you die, nothing bad happens, you don't even lose money!
That would have been a good idea, because I got all of the upgrades half way through the game, which made money useless.

I noticed in the battle, the enemy always attacks first, so you can't have equal amount of power, or you lose.
I know I'm nitpicking, and I'm sure this was designed to make the game a bit harder, but it would have been nice if it was random.

That would have been great if you had a button you could click, but it cost 10,000 gold, and you get an improvised audio clip from Egoraptor.

You guys should do that next time. :D

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

This game is lovely!

Amazingly well done!
Though the novelty wears off after an hour or so.

But this game was extremely well put together none the less!

I don't like how after playing for a few hours, after unlocking everything, I didn't get all of the achievments, I only got 5. :/

Oh well!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

Great game!

This game has great physics, and the air blast looks really cool!
The music fits (reminds me of the sims), and the art is very nice and miniature, or you could say, "Chibi".

This would be an Amazing I-phone game!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

iktash responds:

Thank you!

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Reminds me of old Hip-Hop.

It's like a modern take on old Hip-Hop beats.
Then it turns Dub Step at 1:54.
I like the section at 2:22, reminds me of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

This piece would be more joyful, without the dub step lead in it.
This piece is also pretty plain, if you had some parts reverse, or had a little stereo on the drums. Give it some Aphex Twin action, more variation on the drums mainly.
That's just me.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable piece, and has great use of synthesizers, and catchy melody.

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

cmallstars responds:

Very helpful review! Not sure if I'll have time to redo this one soon, but this is excellent help for future work. Thanks for listening! :-D

Lovely music!

This is a great semi-march style piece, with some suspicion!
Beautiful progressions like at 0:35, Love that G note bass.

Great job with this one! It's very beautiful, and with great quality!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

bluebooblue responds:

Thank you very much for your comment! I´m really happy about it!
I like your songs too! Specially Terrane IV, reminds me of FFX2!
I wish i could get the EWSO too u.u thanks again!

Beautiful actually.

The theme of this piece is beautiful!
It's like listening to Aphex Twin. The themes are strange and the samples can be funny, but the music is beautiful!
You did an amazing job!

You must love bacon. :D

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

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Reminds me of Kirby.

This character could definitely be on a Kirby game, and it makes sense, because Kirby will eat it! lol

Great job!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

Bobbybroccoli responds:

Okay then. I've never heard anyone say this before.


The art work is beautiful!

And the aera that this piece is set in, reminds me of Elders Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Beautiful detail as well.

I sense this took a while? ; )

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

Artofinca responds:

Thank you!


The detail is magnificent, and the events remind me of Star Wars for some reason.

Beautifulu work, especially with the Trigun like machine in the background.

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

I'm a composer, enjoy my compositions! If you want music for your project, contact me at: julianwyattsmith172@
yahoo.com Happy composing!

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